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by Dev427
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on December 30, 2017, 12:06:49 AM

7 Days 2 Die

Valmod-Bigger Backpack

The Valmod Pack comes in two different flavors. The Expansion pack and The Overhaul pack. The Expansion pack is meant to be viewed, as the name implies, as an expansion pack for the game. What this means is that it adds a bunch of new features to the game without dramatically changing the overall vanilla gameplay experience. Great if you're happy with 7DTD but just want to have more stuff to do. The Overhaul pack adds the same items and content to the game as the expansion with the key difference being that unlike the expansion the overhaul, as the name implies overhauls some basic aspects of the game. Mainly the recipe system is considerably locked down compared to vanilla. The overhaul is intended for those who want a new experience from the game.

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by Dev427
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on January 05, 2018, 08:55:32 PM

Straydogz Undead Legacy Mod

Completely reworked and unique user interface (Work in progress). 642 new items/blocks: workstations, tools, consumables, weapons, ammo, parts, junk, armor etc. 47 Collectible perks (By finding rare magazines). 4 new workstations: Smithing Table, Ammunitions Table, Carpenters Bench and Tool Bench Crafting list replaced by a crafting grid (see screenshots below) Player crafted working ovens and wall ovens. Blacksmith perk with 12 levels, that unlocks most metal related recipes. Looting list rebalanced from top to bottom. Rebalanced scrap values for many items and blocks. Most electrical items can be scraped into multiple components by Examining them. More challenging and improved crafting recipes. Stacks values changed for majority of items/blocks, more info here All Container slots rebalanced. Support for EAC - mod doesn't change core assets of the game. Support for both single player and dedicated servers. Increased backpack version available with 72 slot backpack!

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by Dev427
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on January 15, 2018, 06:25:29 PM

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